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Introducing…a new modern knowledge hub for life sciences content/process transformation

Just as a true life sciences digital platform should deliver more than a single solution, and be something you can keep building on - plugging in new capabilities as you go - our new CARA Life Sciences website takes the same approach to providing go-to resources for teams across pharma, animal health, medical device and cosmetics organisations.

It’s an innovation we’re genuinely excited about, because it’s unlike anything else currently available. We’re providing a means not just for Regulatory/Quality/Manufacturing teams and other functions to get to know the CARA platform more deeply – and chart their way across different user journeys to understand how rich a process transformation they could achieve. We’ve also created a modern knowledge hub which will curate and add to the latest industry insights.

Tracing the power of CARA across individual user journeys

Our CARA platform is so rich, and applications are being added to it all the time, that we have taken a different approach to detailing its many capabilities and features.

Using visual pathways and ‘hover’ functions we let users of different profiles follow their own process journeys and appreciate the scope for transformation. That could be as they trace the links between QMS and change requests, for instance – exploring the potential impact for streamlining the change management process right across Regulatory submissions, Manufacturing information, Clinical study protocols, and system or SOP changes at an Enterprise level.

For the first time, this is a web site that demonstrates, conceptually, how information and processes can be linked and exploited across different part of a life sciences business.

Rich, regularly-updated resources & community ambitions

Staying with the Quality example, teams focused on this discipline will be able to customise their own experiences via the web site, accessing information and articles about the latest developments and innovation in that world, and requesting automatic notifications when details of new changes are posted in this area. Among the extensive resources on offer will be case studies, white papers, and internal pitch decks to help build business cases for new investment.

We also have plans to expand our CARA user community for our customers and partners here – a kind of modern-day user group or social media hub, with access to different special interest groups – function-specific, IT-oriented, or for senior executives, for example. These won’t be Generis-controlled: the content will run much broader. We’ll also support private direct messaging – allowing life sciences teams to share ideas, ask questions and learn from each other, and from our partners across the industry.

Designing the future

We’ve been talking for some time about the power of our CARA Life Sciences platform with all of these fantastic, best-of-breed solutions on top. But we don’t mind admitting that, up to now, we’ve been a bit behind the curve in explaining what the platform can do through our web site. What we have really wanted, and needed, to do is allow people to really dive into how all the various solutions work, where the links are between functions/applications, and how it all comes together.

Which brings us to where we are now: the launch of a dedicated CARA Life Sciences web experience.

This is not a souped-up sales web site designed to drive people to a demo and then commit to buying a product. It’s geared to showing the full scope for content/process transformation across a whole host of use cases, and letting users walk through relevant, practical scenarios and discover the potential for themselves.

With this user-oriented navigation of our CARA platform, added to the extensive industry resources and thought leadership we’ll be consolidating and building on, and the rich community experience that will be on offer, we truly believe we have hit upon something important and timely that will be of great and continuous value for our customers and partners. We hope you enjoy it - and that you find much to keep you coming back.

Visit the new dedicated CARA Life Sciences web site at…

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