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The comprehensive platform for Life Sciences applications
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A Unifying Platform

Hi! I can show you how Content, Data, and Processes are linked across the entire CARA Life Sciences platform.

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Data and content can flow between any solution on the platform without integration, enabling seamless collaboration, discovery, and traceability across the business.

Common Interface

The UI is common between all business processes, reducing training and improving adoption.

Powerful Process Automation

The platform supports different, powerful functionality for each use case, e.g. security, versioning, workflows, lifecycles, tools, automations, and integrations.

One User, One License

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Users who work across multiple parts of the business can have access to all use cases on the same platform


Efficiency gains in numbers

Building a Future

Instead of providing spot solutions that will be replaced in 5 years, the CARA Life Sciences Platform provides businesses with the foundational power to continuously innovate.

With immense flexibility and low-code rapid application building, Life Sciences companies can adapt, pivot, and implement new solutions & processes as they need to.

CARA provides not only the core best-of-breed applications that are industry standard, but also the ability to enable digital transformation of the processes that are specific to each business.

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