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Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with innovative businesses to help them transform, grow, and focus on their core product success.

To support this goal, our products are designed to facilitate seamless information flow and automation, on the journey to creating a core enterprise regulated workspace for our customers.

It is our belief that through the adoption of seamlessly connected, expert applications on a single platform, our customers can achieve ultimate efficiency, insight, and success.

– James Kelleher, CEO

Our History


Generis was founded by James Kelleher in 1998 as a consultancy group for knowledge & document management processes


The first version of CARA is commissioned and released for Bristol Myers Squibb as a flexible user interface and business rules engine for compliant applications on Documentum


The first major overhaul of CARA sees the replacement of Documentum features with enhanced native features, and the introduction of flexible user interfaces & portals


CARA becomes available in the cloud, beginning the transition to a cloud-first platform


The next generation, cloud-first CARA Workspace is released, separating from Documentum and Oracle technologies, and ushering in a new era of blended content & data management possibilities


Generis celebrate 20 years of content, data, and business process management for regulated industries, with the formalisation of the comprehensive CARA Life Sciences Platform, and a new generation of customers and partners leveraging the CARA Platform as a low-code platform for business applications

Who We Are

Established in 1997, Generis began life as a consultancy group. Following the development and release of the Company’s CARA Platform in 2003, Generis continued to develop the product and now counts over 750,000 users across industries worldwide, including 8 of the 10 largest Life Science companies.

Widely regarded by our customers for our responsiveness, we offer unprecedented care and attention to deliver high performing solutions configured to meet their individual and often complex requirements.

After 20 years, Generis remains a fully-private, family company. Our primary focus is the happiness of our customers and employees, who form our extended Generis family. We are proudly enthusiastic, hard-working, and trusted, bringing that flair to our products and relationships with customers.

Senior leaders from across the AZ business were genuinely taken by surprise by the extent of the positive reaction to CARA, several commenting that they had never before seen such a turnaround in user sentiment from a system improvement initiative, nor one accomplished so seamlessly and smoothly.

Ashley Birch, Global Head, Information Strategy Systems and Analytics, GRAPSQA