Integrated Clinical Trial Management

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Manage Clinical Trials from Protocol Approval to the Study Closeout through an integrated CTMS on the CARA Life Sciences Platform™. CTMS enables the consistent use of the Study Protocol and Study Master Data along the entire Clinical Trial operations value chain.

Our CTMS provides a single source of truth for all operational Clinical Trial data and workflows. It helps Clinical Trial Managers to make operational decisions based on timely, accurate and consistent data consolidated across simultaneous workstreams like study and site initiation, patient recruitment, monitoring and drug supply.

Reach Across the Organisation

Connect all clinical trial operation workflows through CTMS data & master data.

Align Disparate Workstreams

CTMS on the CARA Life Sciences Platform is the single source of truth for operational data, integrating multiple systems and processes.

Adapt to Evolving Regulations

Conduct clinical trails by adapting the latest regulations to the advantage and safety of enrolled patients.

Data Interoperability

The UI is common between all business processes, reducing training and improving adoption.


Clinical Trial end-to-end support

Cara CTMS enables overarching collaboration across sponsor organisations, regulators, sites, investigators, participants, monitors, CRA’s, and 3rd parties.

Such collaboration maintains and manages all aspects of Clinical Trials including planning, performance reporting, information sharing, tracking of timelines and milestones across a single platform.


Clinical Program / Project Management

Trial and Site Planning

Trial Design

Site and Subject Management

Study Management

Investigator Management

Clinical Supply Tracking

Clinical Trial Performance and Reporting

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    External Collaboration

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