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Guest Post from Adlib: New E-Book 50 Shades of Green Rewrites the Story of PDF

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Adlib is very proud to announce the release of our first e-book, 50 Shades of Green. Hopefully the title already has you smiling.

50 Shades of Green is a unique take on the bestselling trilogy with a similar name. Our book focuses on document-to-PDF conversion for the enterprise, and how automated rendering integrated into Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems can improve the efficiency of document-centric processes. And, since Generis creates an easy-to-use, scalable and configurable user interface and business rules engine for ECMs, this partnership fits like a glove.

In 50 Shades of Green we meet Tess Steele, who is trying to deal with a number of document, records and content management challenges in her organization. Along the way she meets Christian Green, a mysterious stranger who shows Tess how she can solve her document-centric issues with Advanced Rendering document-to-PDF conversion software. It’s a thrilling read with a lot of informative content about improving business processes, coupled with a handful of cheeky double entendres.

If you’re dealing with a high volume of documents across your enterprise organization, you may be experiencing some of the following challenges:

  1. A time-consuming, manual document-to-PDF transformation process that drains resources

  2. Trouble achieving document compliance and adhering to internal and external regulations

  3. Inability to convert large volumes of documents in an efficient amount of time

  4. Poorly rendered documents with missing or inaccurate content

  5. Unsearchable text within your documents

Read 50 Shades of Green to learn how these issues can be streamlined and resolved with automated document conversion software.

We’re pleased to be able to work with Generis to provide Life Sciences organizations with a unique combination of web-based access and powerful, enterprise-grade rendering functionality, in addition to promoting this unique narrative work, which we feel nicely sums up how organizations can achieve efficiency by using the right tools at the right time.

Download chapter 2 of this e-book, which focuses on meeting compliance regulations with Advanced Rendering, and learn how automated document-to-PDF solutions, combined with powerful ECM applications, can help improve the efficiency of document-centric processes.

I’ll end off with this trailer we created for 50 Shades of Green, which takes document challenges to the next level. Enjoy!

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