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Generis Join the Adobe Partner Connection Reseller Program

Remote work is currently more imperative than ever across all industries. One of the key processes necessary for this is quickly and easily obtaining signatures. This may be internally for collaborative work and getting management approval or externally for new agreements, contracts and partnerships. Having a combination of a good system and best of breed tools in place can help to reduce time wasted, keep track of different projects, audits, and remain fully complaint. The CARA integration with AdobeSign can make all of this easier.

Generis have recently joined the partner reseller program for Adobe. For several years now, Generis customers have benefited from an integration between CARA and AdobeSign, this enables users to send a document for signature to users within CARA or external contributors with a button built into the UI. The Adobe Partner Connection Reseller Program gives members access to different resources as well as recognising them for their sales and technical experience, levels of engagement, and commitment to promoting solutions to customers. The primary goal is to help drive mutual strategic objectives such as growth, customer retention and expansion. Generis plan to continue to develop this partnership and enjoy the benefits for their current and future clients.

The integration allows users to manage their signatures in a simple way. The process starts in CARA which allows you to create or import content into your repository. Select the document you wish to send and choose recipients from your repository or an external email, CARA will store a record of the signature request.  The recipient receives an email with a link to open the document and they can then sign it from any device, including mobile phone, laptop and tablet. The process is secure due to the multiple levels of authentication to increase the thresholds required by signers to prove their identity e.g. PIN by SMS. Users can also tag and anchor the signature to specific locations. Signed documents and audit trails are maintained through AdobeSign’s tamper-proof storage system to ensure compliance across the board. CARA then monitors for the return of signed PDFs using object ID and DocuSign envelope ID.

CARA makes the whole process easy to manage: you can convert documents to PDF with the CARA Rendering Services, use CARA Dashboard to track status and make easy to view reports, and imports the signed PDF to the repository as a rendition. Crucially, you can manage everything in CARA rather than having to extract documents and upload to another tool or send via email; this makes the whole process much more efficient.

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