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CARA and PleaseReview Integration

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Following a strategic partnership, PleaseTech’s renowned and powerful product, PleaseReview, will soon be seamlessly integrated with our CARA user interface. Initially this integration will be provided to Documentum customers, but support for other platforms will follow.

CARA is the most advanced, fastest and most feature-rich user interface for Documentum, Alfresco and Oracle WebCenter. It facilitates the creation, review, approval and management of documents and connects with various document repositories. CARA is frequently used as a replacement to Webtop, D2, and Sharepoint by many organizations.

Our integration with PleaseTech will provide life sciences organizations and other CARA users with a market leading document review and co-authoring process seamlessly integrated within their CARA interface. PleaseReview is an incredibly well-structured, secure, and cutting edge solution for the document review process.

Together, PleaseTech and Generis bring the functionality and ease-of-use that our customers require, but have been unable to find outside of CARA.


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