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Medical Writing / Automatic Clinical Protocol Generation

Medical Writing / Automatic Clinical Protocol Generation

The CARA Life Sciences Platform includes data-to-document tools to automatically generate Clinical Protocols and Study Reports, and then edit those documents using Structured Content Authoring (Component-based Authoring)
Generate Protocols & CSRs

The unique data-to-documents capabilities of the CARA Life Science platform allow you to generate Protocols and Clinical Study Reports at the click of a mouse.  The document content is assembled in a formatted state based on data and concatenation rules defined on templates, and the output document can then be manually adjusted ready for regulatory submission or eTMF use

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Learn about eTMF and RIM on the CARA Life Sciences 



Structured Content Authoring

Leverage the CARA Structured Content Authoring (also known as component-based authoring) for creating documents that share common components e.g. study reports and protocols.  Authors can re-use components, and get alerted when template components they used are updated, or other users have updated a shared component, and authors can then decide whether to incorporate the latest updates or not

External Collaboration

Use the tools in CARA to invite users to a time-limited access to the CARA Life Science platform to collaborate on individual document(s).  This collaboration is in a secure environment with version control and auditing.  The collaboration can include review or collaborative authoring, where multiple users can edit the same document at the same time


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