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Quality Documents Management

Create, manage, and distribute Quality documentation 

Quality Documents Management

Quality Documents Management on the CARA Life Sciences Platform™ provides a modern, central DMS for all types of Quality documentation, fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11. 
Beyond the standard functionality of content creation, review, and approval, CARA supports publishing, training, eSignature, controlled printing, and site-control to support enterprise needs.

Bring Quality documentation to your employees, with QR codes for laboratories and manufacturing, portals for rapid searching and viewing across the business, and the CARA Mobile App for on-the-go work.


Designed to be Used

Different experiences for consumers and authors ensure that the system is intuitive and functional for all users

Compliance & GxP

Visibility and automations across your processes keeps your content up to date, and your business compliant

Integrate Quality into your Business

Quality Documents Management on the CARA connects seamlessly not only with QMS, LMS and Audits Management, but across Regulatory, Safety, and Clinical, creating a digital universe of quality embedded in everything you do.

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This is a big one! You can find out more QMS, LMS, and Audits here. To see the full world of the CARA Life Sciences Platform, launch the menu

Audit Readiness

Create certainty in audits with clear and flexible views of your audit trails, a network of connected quality information, and instant search.

Generate Content Automatically

From simple template-based authoring to PDF concatenation and full document generation, CARA leads the industry in automatic content creation

Views that make sense

Provide simple views of Approved and Effective content for consumption, while bringing the latest versions of that content to your authoring team and superseding old content

Compliant Content

Create compliant content efficiently with templates, overlays and automatic numbering

Flexible Workflows

Flexible workflows for Collaborative Authoring, Review, Approval, Periodic Review and Obsoletion bring consistency to your content management

Automate Reviews & Effectivity

Get notifications automatically for content requiring Periodic Review, and promote documents to Effective automatically on their Planned Effective Date

Corporate & Compliant Overlays

Watermarks, overlays, eSignature, and time stamps help to drive your corporate compliance

Control Content Everywhere

With Controlled Printing, QR Codes for viewing on portable devices (e.g. in a lab or factory), and the Mobile App, employees can access controlled content anywhere.


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