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Learning Management System

Easy-to-use learning management with compliance and reporting built-in


Training and certifying employees in the same system as the documents themselves ensures a seamless experience and greater oversight.  CARA provides the ability to define courses, roles and curricula for such content, but also to log external training and attach or generate training certificates for those, which gives a complete training picture for employees. CARA can also be integrated with a number of different HR systems for easy connectivity and tracking. 


Secure Document Management

Create and manage controlled documents such as SOPs and Policies, including e-signatures

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Learn more about managing Quality Documents on the CARA Life Sciences Platform



Video Assets & Discussions

Provide video and other media assets to guide or support the training.  Facilitate a discussion thread relating to training and/or the controlled documents

Training Library & Self-Service

Create a library of courses which users can browse and assign to themselves where it is optional to their job role

Automatic Assignment

Automatically assign training for the appropriate training roles, including recurring training where annual or other periodic retraining is required.  Remove training from users as they change job roles

Connect to External Systems

Link to external systems for a variety of purposes including pulling / pushing data or documents and setting up training related to external systems

Reporting & Analytics

Track and escalation training completion by user, course, job role, and visualize the trending over time in the CARA analytics dashboards


Define roles and assign curriculum details to each role.  Automatically assign/remove training based on users moving into and out of roles

Training Roles & Curricula

Ensure students have learned the key points in the training by creating quizzes to complete the training.

Training Tests & Quizes

Define and track training on key documents such as SOPs, including using video or other assets

Document-based Training
External Training

Log and capture external training courses taken, including attaching Certificates, and generate a PDF record for archival purposes


Full reporting on training taken, overdue, and performance, from both a student and training course perspective



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