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Quality Reimagined

Gain control and understanding of your global processes to drive compliance

QMS & Quality Docs

QMS and Quality Documents Management on the CARA Life Sciences Platform™ brings all your quality divisions, content, data and processes together to create a modern quality landscape for your business.

Trying to drive compliance without standardised global processes and centralised information makes you the back-seat driver: unsure of the entire journey, and unable to control the direction of progress.

Instead, CARA for Quality creates a global community that shares processes and information, driving improvements across the organisation together.

​​"A superior customer experience, and a high level of quality and accuracy as the correct information is being captured at the source. It will also remove manual work for our internal people, resulting in a signification efficiency gain."  


Heiner Niessen, Head of Global Quality and Quality IT Programs


Achieve excellence across your enterprise 


Take control of all your information with best practises across the board to reduce re-work and time wasted.


Leverage a centralised system for all your global processes with a cloud-first solution


Automate work for your colleagues with collaboration and AI, ready for the challenges of tomorrow. 


Gain true oversight with easy reporting, dashboard and a 'where-used' system. 

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All together 


If you're just looking for a Quality DMS or stand-alone QMS, then you can just use those solutions - if you're looking for a seamless Quality platform with Quality Content Management, QMS, LMS and Audit & Inspection Management, you're also in the right place. 


Document creation, review, and approval with eSignature, periodic review, and effectiveness, and controlled printing. Video also supported.


Audit & Inspection Management

Automate, collaborate, and provide external partners with limited access to reduce manual work.

  • Quality Events

  • Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs)

  • Change Requests

  • Deviations

  • Complaints



Seamlessly deliver approved content to your employees with LMS tied to QMS. Define courses, roles and curricula, as well as supporting external training.


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