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Audit and Inspection Management

Prepare and manage vendor audits

Audits Management

Managing audits with internal and external parties is one of the most manual and time-consuming processes within Quality Management.  CARA provides the tools to automate, collaborate and provide external partners with limited access in order to reduce the manual work as far as possible. CARA also offers Remote Supplier Quality Audit for extra accessibility. 

How it Works

Provide CAPA

Auditees can use the hyperlinks in the report to access the Quality Events and create their CAPA directly in the CARA QMS module

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Track & Close Audits

Auditors have direct visibility on the progress of the CAPAs to track and close audits

Discover how CAPAs help affect change

Create Audit Plan

Create a plan, assign auditors, and schedule into their calendars.  Alert auditees with a range of dates, allow them to pick dates and confirm in their calendars

Request Documents

Request documents prior to the audit from the auditee

Upload Documents

Allow auditees limited access to CARA to upload the documents so auditors can view before the audit

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Learn more about managing Quality Documents on the CARA Life Sciences Platform



Log Findings

Create Quality Events for all the Audit Findings

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Discover Quality Events on the CARA Life Sciences Platform


See how Quality Events connect the platform

Generate Audit Report

Automatically generate an audit report containing all the audit information, list of documents used, and the Quality Events – each one hyperlinked in the PDF to open CARA and view the Quality Events


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