In a climate of fast-changing regulations and frequent updates on new requirements such as IDMP compliance, together with potential business or user requests, many organisations are struggling to keep up, and increasingly face extensive projects for small changes to their software or set-up. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

The CARA Platform’s robust configuration capability has been a major differentiator from other platforms on the market throughout its 20 years of existence, and a primary driver for being able to quickly and easily add new enhancements to the platform. The latest data on our delivery of the CARA Roadmap shows that our average time to deliver on enhancement requests and new features is only 6 months, with 72% of our enhancements being delivered in under 100 days.

How do we do it?

Along with hard work from our dedicated development team, CARA’s configuration functionality is to thank for this. For example, if new fields are required to meet requirements of the IDMP or E2BR3 for Safety use cases, all that’s needed is simply a configuration rather than a product change or a customisation together with additional validation.

This means that our development team’s time can be dedicated to tasks which add new features and greater value to the platform rather than simply adapting to industry requirements, as this can be achieved through configuration. As a result, the new features list can be treated much quicker, which means we have a higher number of features added per version compared to other platforms on the market. These are all done with associated configuration options, which again means that as the platform improves in terms of features, there is also an extra set of configurations, providing users with even more options going forward.

Our customer advisory board, comprised of clients such as BMS, Pfizer, Bayer, Merck KGaA, Biogen, and Otsuka, provides us with direction and roadmap input, to help prioritise the things that every customer logs as an enhancement request, so we are able to deliver the most important enhancements faster. As we begin to open up the customer advisory board going forward, we are going to have a general customer group that has the same remit. In addition, we offer every customer a quarterly update meeting where we discuss their enhancement requests and plan how and when they will be added into the CARA Platform.

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