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SPOR Subscription

Stay aligned automatically

SPOR Subcription

Our SPOR Subscription module is a module that allows companies to map their data to SPOR master data, including notifications and updates.  Designed for companies of any size, and directly providing the master data vocabularies to the rest of the CARA Life Sciences platform or other third party systems in-house
Mapping & updates

Our CARA SPOR module connects to the EMA SPOR database to retrieve values, and process updates.  It can also be used by our customers to submit updates 


Once you subscribe to SPOR items in CARA, you will get notifications of all updates to those items, as well as notifying you of non-subscribed items that might be of interest, or suggesting matches to updated items

Provide data to your other systems

Having all the SPOR data in the CARA Life Science platform allows you to use the vocabularies in the CARA RIM, or Clinical or Safety modules.  Additionally, using the CARA REST API you can push the data to other third party systems you use such as SAP, and/or have them query CARA to retrieve the values

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