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Generis Risk Management
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Risk Management

Unified management of RMPs

Risk Management

Risk Management Plans and associated documents need to be created and distributed to Affiliates and Distributors. Traditionally those tools involve external systems for sharing content and a separate system for registering and reporting on implementation status. This can all be done in a unified and traceable way in the CARA Life Science Platform, with Affiliates / Distributors logging in to a simple UI to perform their tasks



Trigger workflows for distribution of RMPs and associated documents to affiliates and distributors – manually, or automatically via an API call from an external system


Manage the creation, review and approval internally of Risk Management Plans and tools and provide the documentation required for Regulatory Submissions

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Explore Regulatory Submission Documents on the CARA Life Sciences Platform



Portal Access

Distributors, affiliates and other third parties can access CARA via a simple portal to acknowledge, submit and confirm required actions with Agencies


Central regulatory affairs has a real-time view per-product and per-country of the status of RMPs and associated documentation and activities, and can track all these in the CARA RIM module

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Explore RIM on the CARA Life Sciences Platform

Metrics & Analytics

CARA provides an extensive dashboard and analytics capability, which allows reporting on the status of Risk Management and Plan implementations globally


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