Regulatory Innovations

Innovation and delivery at the speed of CARA

We’re constantly improving our solutions and delivering new innovations to industry faster than any other vendor thanks to the flexibility of the CARA Platform.

​​”The responsiveness of Generis to suggestions for enhancements and the remarkable turn-around time in which we were given the updates tipped the scales.” 

​​”Your response time and delivery has been phenomenal (not just good).” 

Regulatory Intelligence

We provide a database where regulatory intelligence / literature surveillance can be saved (coming in from your own staff or affiliates, or by subscription to other services.)

Uniquely, it is then not just a database you have to go to search, but wherever you are working, you can call up related intelligence. Creating a Variation for an oncology drug for New Zealand? The regulatory intelligence items related to your document’s product, market, therapeutic area and other criteria can be displayed with a single click.