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Quality Management (QMS) 


CARA allows you to capture a wide variety of Quality Events: from Deviations and Customer Complaints to Audit findings, non-conformities, regulatory commitments, or other internal & external triggers.  They are all handled using similar processes, with fields and workflows adapted to each type of event, but also allowing you to define your own events.


Once you have created events, you can link them to CAPAs as well as the Change Requests and the underlying documents.  This gives you immediate traceability through the chain of linked data and documents.


Additionally, Quality Events can be used as triggers in our RIM part of the CARA Life Science to initiate new submissions, answers to HA questions, process renewals and Labelling updates.

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Learn more about managing Quality Documents on the CARA Life Sciences Platform

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Discover Labelling on the CARA Life Sciences Platform

Define Event

Capture information relating to the event including geotagging, so that map-based searching and reporting is possible.  Use workflows to QC the data for this and all subsequence steps

Root Cause Analysis

Undertake investigation, capturing iterative comments and notes and attaching documentation evidence or supporting documents, until you have a Root Cause specified

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Discover RIM on the CARA Life Sciences Platform

Link to Affected Products

Link the Event to products, so that from the RIM modules you can easily trace which products have Quality Events associated with them

Risk Assessment 

Capture information on the severity and frequency of the event, and have CARA calculate the overall risk factor, to then allow you to define risk management and priorities

Effectiveness Check

When the event is closed, you can monitor it and run periodic Effectiveness Checks to ensure that the problem was fixed – otherwise you can reopen the event and use all the data and documents captured so far to adjust the implementation of the remediation

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Learn more about Quality Documents on the CARA Life Sciences Platform

CAPAs & Change Requests

Associate CAPAs and Change Requests to the Quality Event (or create them from the Event to benefit from the automatic relationships that CARA builds) to then be able to trace through the chain of quality activities and information, as well as the underlying documents


Quality Events give you a way to capture everything that takes place in your business, planned or unplanned, that has to be managed for Quality – from audit findings to complaints, deviations and planned changes.


Correct & Preventive Actions (CAPAs)

Once you have created a Quality Event, you can tackle the process of correcting it and preventing it, using the CAPA process within the CARA Life Science Platform.


Change Requests

Having a Change Request mechanism that is seamlessly connected to every part of the CARA Life Science Platform (Quality, Regulatory, Safety and Clinical) is a true differentiator and brings large business value to you, with a true enterprise view of your business activities



Following controlled processes is a regulatory requirement to ensure Quality remains high – tracking and managing Deviations from this process is therefore a key part of your QMS



Managing Complaints is not just a regulatory requirement but impacts the public image of your company, and CARA allows you to ensure that Complaints are quickly and automatically routed on workflows and escalations through to the resolution


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