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Product Information Management

including IDMP, SPOR, xEVMPD

Data is the core driver of consistent content, planning, tracking, efficiency, and automation. In short, seamless information flow improves everything. CARA distributes and pulls approved information, balancing regulatory compliance with everyday work 
Meet the latest SPOR & IDMP Requirements

Capture the right data, in the right format, as part of doing other regulatory work – not forcing users to enter and manage this data redundantly

Reduce time managing data standards and master data

Let your business processes drive the collection of information, and use automation to support maintenance

Replace illogical data entry and user experiences

Enforce data standards intuitively within your business processes and allow the system to maintain the compliant structures and linking ‘behind the scenes’

Improve enterprise access to consistent data

As part of the CARA Life Sciences platform, all your functional areas can take advantage of clean, consistent information tailored to their needs in the context of their work.

As data standards such as IDMP, SPOR, and XEVMPD are developed and released, companies struggle to prepare for these new requirements or even keep up when they are released. Often data included in new standards requirements are managed or owned by different groups using different systems within your organisation, making the internal challenge even greater. 

CARA provides a holistic approach to managing master data and data standards, ensuring that data is common, searchable and constantly updated. 

Our data standards management is seamlessly integrated with the CARA Life Sciences platform, meaning that data is collected operationally and feeds your data standards, reducing the complexity of data ownership and responsibility in your business.

This approach also ensures that data standards are implemented with a focus on usability. Instead of bending your business into using and managing data where it is not intuitive, CARA automates the management of this information and provides a logical and simple user experience to support the business processes using it.

Strong Partners

Generis works with Iperion to bring the latest data standards innovations to the industry


As part of the CARA Life Sciences platform, all areas of your business can take advantage of the consistency of your data.

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