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The future of data & documents and their interrelationship in life sciences

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

The way that life sciences companies generate, manage and store documents and data is changing irreversibly. It has to, if teams are to be able to think, work and move in more agile and dynamic ways to achieve what they need to – and keep pace with the shifting operating models of industry regulators.

But what does this future look like, what is the wider potential, and how can companies redesign their information/content management processes without substantial upheaval, complexity and cost – given that their starting point for document and data management is likely to be less than ideal.

Read more to hear more key insights from the debate, featuring Steve Gens, Iperion's Remco Munnik, Accenture's Peter Brandstetter and Syneos Health's Caroline Masterman-Smith.

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