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Quarter Million Users

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Many enterprise organizations are dealing with ever-growing regulatory risk as more and more users require access to critical documents through traditional applications and while on the move with mobile apps. Many are seeking a more efficient solution that meets current and future regulatory needs, and many document management end user applications being used today are outdated and reaching end-of-life.

“Customers today are accountable for more and more of the content being created throughout the enterprise,” said James Kelleher, CEO of Generis. “Often their content management solutions aren’t capable of collaborating across the organization and require a lot of additional programming to work, or they end up having to implement spot solutions that solve one business issue but do not communicate well together, thus isolating content. CARA 3.8 solves this challenge and provides a much-needed easy-to-use and most importantly, easy-to-build application.”

]Major enhancements in CARA 3.8 include:

  1. Market-first plugin to manage content transfer on Windows and Mac removing the need for Java Applets, or HTML5 feature-restrictions

  2. New secure staging area to upload documents – send attachments via email, import via portal or mobile device, allowing external contributors to work in a “walled off” area of the system

  3. Electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) viewer to support life science organizations transfer of regulatory information to agencies

  4. Built in viewer for multiple formats (MS Office, email, PDF and others) including annotations

  5. Enhancements to workflow options

Generis milestones Generis also hit two major milestones this quarter with more than 250,000 licensed CARA users globally and 150 CARA Certified Professionals in our growing partner network. Generis continues to grow as more and more organizations seek an easy to implement solution to meet the entire organization’s content and document management processes and needs.

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