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Quality and QMS – Finding the Right Solution for You

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Traceability in Data

One of the key things to look out for is consistency and traceability in data. This means that audits, which many of us dread, become less stressful and easier. Rather than having to trawl through information in multiple places to try to piece together the full picture, the right QMS should make it easy to pull out the data you need. Another benefit is transparency throughout the enterprise; being able to have a top-down view of compliance across departments and global locations allows management to pursue and measure a Quality Improvement Program.

A Centralised Unified System

It is not uncommon for a business to have a number of separate systems for audits, quality documents, quality events, training management and customer complaints. The ability to maintain one centralised system which combines QMS and Quality Documents is key; for one, it reduces training time for staff as they can manage everything in one workspace. It also saves time as you don’t need to search through multiple repositories and enables the traceability mentioned above.

End User Satisfaction

The system should be intuitive for the user; this means documents and data which are easy to locate, everyone’s personal tasks are clearly outlined, and permissions which can be assigned to ensure security throughout. The navigation must be easy for the end user so that everyone can access and complete something like a simple ‘Read and Understand’ task with minimal training.

Cloud Based

There are many benefits to having your QMS in the Cloud as opposed to on premise. Using the Cloud gives your business more flexibility and agility, as it is easy to scale up or scale down your cloud capacity according to your needs. Financially, it is a cost-effective solution as maintenance and support costs are greatly reduced when compared to on premise.  Upgrades are less stressful as they can be done automatically and do not cause a large disruption to your other business processes.

CARA for Quality Management is an end-to-end package in the CARA Workspace to provide comprehensive enterprise quality management:

  1. Industry leading quality document management including creation, review, approval, and e-signature.

  2. Insightful reporting, full workflow management, and features such as controlled printing and QR code document viewing

  3. Key QMS-related functionality such as Quality Event management, CAPA items, Change Requests, and Effectiveness Evaluation, all of which can be directly related to documentation, allowing traceability from documents to QMS information

  4. Training Management, capturing both training on documentation as well as external training received, with the ability to attach certificates

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