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Learn to Love Your LMS

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

The three key reasons why companies chose to change their LMS software are

  1. a better end user experience

  2. a better administrative experience

  3. the ability to link training to specific business information (documents, videos, data)

The CARA Platform offers all of these things for users, along with compliance and world class security.

Top ways CARA can help you:


CARA gives users access to a number of rich resources which keep them occupied and truly allow them to benefit from the training, rather than reading a document which they will forget in 5 minutes time. We offer interactive tests, quizzes, videos, to ensure that the users are truly absorbing the information rather than wasting their time. As an administrator, you can also facilitate a discussion relating to training or the controlled documents so that you can gain a solid understanding of everything in your organisation.


Our LMS platform is an out of the box, easy to use solution with a focus on compliance. You can create and manage controlled documents such as SOPs and policies directly in the system which reduces the scope for error and eliminates the need for multiple siloed solutions, with limited information flow between them. It is seamlessly connected to the rest of the CARA Platform, making training more continent for your end users. There are also optional training courses. Having a highly trained workforce has great benefits for your business, such as employees supporting each other in day-to-day work. This is why CARA offers a training library of different courses, which users can browse and complete at their own pace. This will still go on their record and save time if they need to do something outside of their designated role.


Training can be automatically assigned to specific users; this includes recurring training which needs to be repeated annually or a companywide training exercise to remain up to date with new requirements. If an individual within an organisation changes their role, therefore no longer requiring a specific course of training, this will be automatically removed from their account.


Lastly, something which is often overlooked is the importance of reporting and analytics. This is a vital function; CARA allows administrators to track the completion of training by user, course or job role. Over time they can assess the trends in the sophisticated CARA analytics dashboard.

Are you interested in finding out more? Register now for our upcoming webinar where we will be looking at the Learning Management System in CARA. Get in touch with us now:,  for more information or to arrange a full demo.

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