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Generis scores highly for customer satisfaction and innovation

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

The survey gives participants insight into the latest trends and practises in the industry and information about vendors so that the participating companies can accelerate their performance improvement journey. This year, 66 companies of different sizes, locations and product portfolios took part in the survey.

The survey has an Innovation Index where companies are asked to rank vendors if they are “pushing industry”, “dependable partner” or “in a decline”. It mixed both active customers with other perceptions. Of those who responded, 50% deemed Generis as innovative while 46% judged us as dependable. This is well above the average of all providers which was 31% innovating, 44% dependable and 25% declining.

*the one respondent indicating decline is not a Generis customer

We were also proud to have only positive reviews on our implementation services from clients for whom we implemented / upgraded CARA for RIM, recognising the strong work of our teams in supporting customers.

The survey has ten World Class RIM Key Indicators: We noticed performance improvement when compared to the 2018 survey in Business Benefit Realisation, Global Reach, Capability Efficiency and Time to Report Regulatory Information which highlights the improvements we drive with our customers.

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