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Generis partners with Qdoor Dossplorer to offer fully integrated regulatory dossier viewing within C

Sarasota, FL, USA and Waalwijk, NL March 7th, 2018– Generis Knowledge Management Inc. and Qdoor B.V. announce their partnership to bring the powerful capabilities of Qdoor’s Dossplorer solution to CARA, Generis’ leading user interface for Documentum. Generis customers can now benefit from unparalleled access and viewing of eCTD, NeeS and other regulatory dossiers directly from within CARA.

Dossplorer, which launched last year, allows individuals to share, compare and view eCTD, Nees and other dossier formats in a single location. This capability adds significant value to traditional viewing methods (often limited to eCTD only) and has been welcomed by the Life Science regulatory community. The integration with CARA, Generis’ industry-leading user interface for Documentum, allows CARA users to easily view dossiers directly from their Documentum repository. Not only can regulatory specialists view dossiers, they can also organise documents and dossiers by consolidating information from multiple products or countries, resulting in a complete and personalised view of the data they require.

“This integration makes CARA an even more compelling proposition to Life Science organisations who are looking for a single destination user interface when upgrading from Webtop and other systems.” commented James Kelleher, Generis CEO. “We are also excited to offer Dossplorer’s eCTD viewing capabilities to our existing customers and help make the task of preparing regulatory submissions as intuitive and straightforward as possible”.

“The combination of CARA and Dossplorer allows users to unlock and explore the true value of their regulatory dossiers without the need to add another storage location” said Michiel Stam, Product Manager of Dossplorer. “This is a real advantage as it allows companies to avoid the challenges introduced by content duplication”.

About Qdoor B.V.

Qdoor B.V. is a software company for life sciences founded in 2016 and is a sister company of eCTDconsultancy B.V. and Qdossier B.V.. The Company’s mission is to facilitate optimal reusability and consistency in document management across regulatory dossiers by creating transparency. This requires both technical and regulatory knowledge. The Dossplorer viewer is designed and tested by regulatory affairs & operations professionals with many years of practical experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

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