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Generis Partners with AEROW

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Sarasota, FL – [10/18/16] Generis partners with AEROW to bring ARender4Documentum to CARA

Generis Knowledge Management Inc. announced its partnership with AEROW’S ARender4Documentum solution to bring their powerful rendering and annotation tool to CARA. Reacting to high customer demand, this integration will benefit existing and new ARender4Documentum and CARA customers alike. ARender4Documentum allows users to browse multi-page documents, zoom, rotate, highlight, stamp, and annotate with post-its, all with fast performance. This renowned tool complements the functionality of Generis’ CARA product, the market-leading user interface software for Documentum, and provides a unified experience for the user.

“There is an increasing demand from our clients to leverage CARA for all the additional features it brings beyond the basics of managing content” said James Kelleher, CEO at Generis. “and one such area of functionality that is growing fast is the need to undertake the full business process of review through CARA, in as easy a way as possible, which ARender4Documentum enables for CARA.”

With this new integration, Generis and Aerow4Documentum take another step towards offering customers a single destination UI. CARA provides customers an industry-leading, cost-effective and highly flexible user interface, either on premises or in the cloud, when they need to upgrade from Webtop. CARA not only provides a high degree of ergonomic and functional advantages, but comes with a set of Life Sciences solutions pre-packaged as accelerators or “RapidDeploy” options, including Submission / CTD, Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF), SOPs / Quality Management, and Change Control.

ARender4Documentum allows customers to speed up the content access on all devices thanks to its pure light-client approach, and accelerates the Customer Experience for Documentum users.

Marc Wolff, CEO at AEROW said, “Documentum users demand for better CX with higher performance. CARA is clearly offering a great level of User Interface as well as great functions. The annotations management with Arender4documentum completes very well the vision of CARA.”, adding that “ultra-fast access in streaming is a great features for CARA’s users”.


AEROW is a European leader for IT and consulting in ECM, BI, and data management of all kinds. With a staff of 200+ in Paris, Mauritius, Switzerland and Brussels, AEROW is committed to the success of its clients. AEROW transforms organizations through digital documents and processes. AEROW edit a genuine technology for universal viewing and annotations in light client.

For more information about ARender, visit

About Generis Knowledge Management, Inc.

Generis has been providing leading-edge software for content management systems including Documentum, SharePoint, Alfresco and Oracle WebCenter since 1997.  The company has more than 50 customers across industries from Federal Government, through Life Sciences and Engineering to Media, Publishing and Financial.  The company is headquartered in Sarasota, FL, and has its principal development centers in Europe.  Customers include 6 of the global top 10 Life Science companies, Federal and State governments, engineering and media companies.

CARA has recently won a number of awards including the Compliance Product of the Year 2014 from Document Manager, and Generis was featured in Forbes in 2015 and also as one of the Top 20 Most Promising CMS Vendors by CIO Review magazine in June 2015, and is shortlisted for 7 Document Manager prizes for 2016. For more information about Generis visit

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