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Generis Partner with City Ascom to Bring Information Management Solutions To Multiple Industries

Generis Knowledge Management Japan Co. Ltd., Japanese subsidiary of Generis, a global leader in content and information management systems, announce the signing of a Reseller Partner Agreement with City Ascom.

City Ascom facilitate the organisation of best of breed systems by combining the strengths of independent organisations with a variety of products and services. They have a record of proven results in the content management field and are already experienced with the implementation of CARA. Their industry portfolio is extensive and includes Life Science, Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution and the Public Sector, all over Japan.

Through this partnership, City Ascom aim to provide a wide range of solutions to not only Life Science but also finance, distribution and manufacturing. CARA provides security for electronic documents, allows correspondence with regulatory authorities, e-signatures and allows collaboration through Sharepoint, Box and others. It can make your business more efficient with easy access to documents on the go with an IOS and Android app. Implementing CARA helps improve productivity with a full digital transformation for your business.

Generis will benefit from City Ascom’s widespread influence and their breadth of knowledge in system implementation. With support from City Ascom, Generis plans to expand their geographical reach, while also expanding to other industries outside of Life Science, which currently represents the majority of their customers.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to partner with City Ascom.” said James Kelleher, CEO of Generis. “They bring deep industry expertise, not only in the Life Science industry, but also Finance and other sectors where Generis has strategic plans for growth in 2021 and beyond.”

About City Ascom :

City Ascom is headquartered in Fukuoka and has offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kitakyushu, and Kagoshima. We are a unique ICT company in Kyushu that can meet a wide range of customer needs, such as providing operation services for information systems that have two data centres. Based on the philosophy of “ICT partner who creates light with customers”, we contribute to the development of local communities by earning the trust of our customers by providing high-quality technical capabilities and services.

About Generis: Generis is a global leader in information management systems, specialising in proven solutions for regulated industries. Established in 1997 as a consultancy group, Generis has since grown and developed alongside its flagship product CARA. Our mission is to provide a system which is seamless and user-friendly; a dedicated. Currently counting over 500,000 users across numerous industries worldwide, including 8 of the 10 largest Life Science companies, the CARA Workspace and the CARA Life Sciences Platform offer solutions for different use cases from Quality and RIM, to Labelling and Marketing. Generis Knowledge Management Japan Co., Ltd. is a Japanese subsidiary of Generis. For more details, see:


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