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Generis Knowledge Management Join Gens and Associates Premier Benchmark Membership Program

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Generis Knowledge Management announce their participation in the Premier Benchmark Membership Program from Gens and Associates. Through this program, Generis will take advantage of the expert knowledge about Regulatory Information Management (RIM), so that they can continue to stay ahead of the curve and fulfil the needs of their clients in regulated industries.

The Premier Benchmark Membership was launched in October of 2019, following the long-standing success of the Gens & Associates RIM Benchmark: a biennial research survey providing organisations with the latest and most accurate insights into Regulatory Information Management. The survey sources information from more than 100 global pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer, and generic drug companies, in addition to over 1,000 regulatory and business professionals. The Premier Membership provides strategic advisory services along with access to exclusive whitepapers, market reports, private webinars, and research studies through an Executive Lounge. The materials are produced with great attention to detail from a bank of industry studies, client experiences and professional perspectives.

The CARA Platform from Generis provides end to end Regulatory Information Management, and with the knowledge they will gain from being part of the Premier Benchmarking Membership Program of Gens and Associates, they will continue to improve CARA so that is aids productivity and traceability, cost efficiency and reduces time to market for their clients – all while allowing customers to answer the all-important questions “what do I have registered where”, and “what is impacted by any change I make”. It will allow Generis to align the CARA roadmap to best assist the current and future needs of their clients and the industry, as the global requirements grow more complex and challenging. New CARA, in particular, has many tools which help reduce the complexity of information management, such as easy to view reporting, tracking by geolocation and a quick search capability which can return a million results in 1 second.  It will further benefit from the actionable performance guide provided by Gens and Associates.

“Steve Gens and his team provide the most respected view of the Life Science market trends and future directions. Having a single workshop and access to their market data in late 2018 aligned us accurately to the most pressing industry needs in 2019 and 2020. It helped us formulate our strategy for providing value added software for our customers, to support their growth and ability to meet regulatory demands”, said James Kelleher, CEO of Generis.  “We are therefore excited at being able to be part of his program and look forward to working together.”

“We are excited that Generis is a Premier Member and part of our larger learning community” says Steve Gens, Managing Partner of Gens and Associates. “As we have tracked the regulatory software provider space for 12 years, Generis has consistently scored high in our innovation index and customer satisfaction levels over time which is a testament to being “customer focused”. We look forward to helping Generis continue to innovate and provide the best solutions to where industry is heading.”

About Gens & Associates

A boutique Life Science management and organizational consultancy specializing in strategic planning and roadmap development, industry benchmarking, regulatory information management, organizational transition management, and working with leadership and project teams to accelerate change and value realization.

Their mission is to help all stakeholders in the regulatory eco-system improve their performance, ultimately shortening new drug approval timelines, increasing consumer access to information, and bettering medicine affordability. They do this through the combination of strategic leadership, informing / creating industry standards, and providing deep insights derived from their highly respected research platform to identify the most effective investments for improved outcomes.

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About Generis

Generis is a global leader in content and information management systems, specialising in proven solutions for regulated industries. Established in 1997 as a consultancy group, Generis has since grown and developed alongside its flagship product CARA. Our mission is to provide a program which is highly configurable and user friendly; a dedicated team works hard to guarantee customer satisfaction. Currently counting over 450,000 users across numerous industries worldwide, including 8 of the 10 largest Life Science companies, CARA continues to progress to become the answer for end to end data management.

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