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Generis highlighted as a Top Performer for Innovation, Dependability and Customer Satisfaction in gl

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Sarasota, FL, 12 November, 2018 – Generis has achieved a strong ranking for innovation, customer satisfaction and dependability in the latest Gens & Associates World Class Regulatory Information Management (RIM) Survey. A total of 69 Life Sciences companies participated in the early 2018 study that analysed key regulatory trends, the RIM provider landscape as well as the priority and deployment of emerging technologies. Of the 33 software vendors being ranked, Generis ranked high in both innovation and dependability and was one of only two vendors who did not receive any “on the decline” rating.

The Gens and Associates Innovation Index is based on the industry’s perception of the vendor’s innovation capability from the benchmark survey and their ability to deliver on their product roadmaps. Steve Gens, Managing Partner at Gens & Associates, commented: “Many traditional regulatory solution providers struggle to meet increased customer requirements, especially around usability and connectivity to other enterprise capabilities. For such a long-established organization to consistently have strong innovation and customer satisfaction ratings over time is impressive and demonstrates their commitment to supply innovative and flexible solutions to the market. While many other content management providers are trending down, Generis is trending up”.

“Demand for a more innovative approach to RIM is emerging throughout the Life Sciences industry, with inter-functional connectivity and information throughput a clear driver for about 70% of the industry” says Gens. “By improving information flows through centralizing the management of regulated and non-regulated content, RIM providers like Generis can set the stage for better information flow and support automation goals with the application of artificial intelligence”.

Generis’s CARA content services platform is unique whereas traditional ECM systems typically compromise on usability to deliver one centralized content management solution, CARA enables users to work across whichever applications they choose to through one centralized user interface, creating a “single source of truth” without impacting productivity. By unifying data and content from external applications such as Documentum and Box, both regulated and non-regulated content are managed seamlessly, freeing up Life Sciences organizations to pursue tasks related to RIM and beyond.

“We are delighted to receive recognition from the Gens & Associates Survey for our content management capabilities,” said James Kelleher, Generis CEO. “We invest extensively in our R&D resources in-house to ensure we deliver innovative and seamless content services to our Life Sciences clients through our CARA platform that goes beyond compliance to meet their productivity and usability needs.”

Generis currently works with 8 out of the 10 largest Life Sciences companies worldwide. In terms of future innovation, Generis plans to build further intelligence into its platform, leveraging AI and Deep Learning to provide more visibility and insight for its customers.

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