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Generis Announces Partnership with Implementation Specialist Ricksoft

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

“We have known and enjoyed working with Ricksoft for some time, and delighted that we can now formalise the relationship by signing as partners.” Said James Kelleher, CEO of Generis. “Ricksoft bring skills and expertise in ECM implementations to the partnership which will be a valuable addition to our mutual customers in Japan when using our CARA software.”

CARA allows clients to manage documents and data for multiple use cases; in Life Sciences it covers Regulatory Information Management (RIM), Quality / QMS, Labelling, eTMF and IDMP, while other companies, in finance or legal, might use CARA for invoice processing, human resources or other use cases, all through one intuitive user interface. It is highly configurable and currently used by 8 of 10 largest global Life Science companies as well as government agencies, financial and engineering companies and media enterprises, with over 400,000 users worldwide. Generis has seen consistent growth in Japan and through this partnership they hope to solidify their status there, as well as further expand their client base.

“Ricksoft helps companies improve their business processes through software solutions.  We hope that this partnership with Generis, which develops advanced content management solutions, is going to change the way people work in Japan.” Said Hiroshi Ohnuki, founder and CEO of Ricksoft.

About Generis

Generis is a leader in content and information management systems, specializing in proven solutions for regulated industries. Our mission is to provide industry-defining implementations that are fast and intuitive in order to bring our customers an enjoyable and efficient experience that allows them to focus on their work. Generis offers unprecedented care and attention by listening and responding to our customers, and innovatively driving the future of information management.

About Ricksoft

With our mission of “connect people using valuable tools and change the way they work” Ricksoft offers tools that accelerate Business Process Integration, Agile, DevOps and provides support services that prioritize customer success. Not only providing contents and processes integration services to a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, insurance/finance, healthcare, and service, Ricksoft also develops highly unique software products and offers them globally through our overseas subsidiaries.

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