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Generis Announce Yamato as their Preferred Partner for Japan

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

26/02/20 – Sarasota USA and Tokyo Japan – Generis Knowledge Management has named Yamato as their preferred partner for Japan. As part of this collaboration, Yamato will closely assist the implementation of CARA to new customers as well as consulting for current customers. This new partnership will allow Generis to extend their capabilities and will benefit their expanding customer base in Japan. Following the success of CARA Days 2019 in Tokyo and Osaka, Generis continues to grow its presence in Japan, especially with the opening of the new office in Tokyo.

As a Preferred Partner, Yamato will work with Generis to provide consulting services to customers who are implementing CARA. Also known as “The ECM Professionals”, Yamato is a well-respected company and are trusted implicitly in providing a high standard of customer service especially in the Pharmaceutical and Energy industries.

“Our colleagues from Yamato have in-depth expertise on content management across industries, including Life Science / Pharmaceutical with its validation requirements and other regulations,” said James Kelleher, CEO of Generis, “We are happy to have a strong partnership that will deliver this expertise on projects for our software with customers in Japan.”

The CARA Platform provides a highly intuitive end to end solution for regulated industries; with a large number of Generis’ global customers in the Life Science Industry, the break into the Japanese market has been a steady and rewarding process.

Taiju Hataya, CEO of Yamato said “We are thrilled to introduce CARA, ECM built on new generation technology in Japan. We strongly believe that CARA will be the success factor for our customers and their stakeholders.”

About Yamato

Since 2008, Yamato Ltd. has provided competitive Enterprise Contents Management system (ECM) solutions to demanding customers in numerous business areas, but with a special focus in the pharmaceutical industry in Japan. Owing to its experienced team and an impressive track record of customer satisfaction, the company currently stands at the forefront of ECM development and implementation. Yamato’s technical expertise has notably lead to the launch YamApp, an application enhancing the usability of ECM system. Yamato Ltd. is also delighted to collaborate with Generis by introducing CARA to Japanese customers seeking to master leading-edge IT technology.

About Generis

Generis is a global leader in content and information management systems, specialising in proven solutions for regulated industries. Established in 1997 as a consultancy group, Generis has since grown and developed alongside its flagship product CARA. Our mission is to provide a program which is highly configurable and user friendly; a dedicated team works hard to guarantee customer satisfaction. Currently counting over 400,000 users across numerous industries worldwide, including 8 of the 10 largest Life Science companies, CARA continues to progress to become the answer for end to end data management.

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