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GENERATE – The CARA Conference

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

The conference was dedicated to customers and partners and took place 14th-15th March, 2018 at The Fitzpatrick Hotel, Co. Dublin, Ireland,

GENERATE was a two-day conference packed with discussions, demos, case studies, product news, informative technical sessions and partner exhibitors – all intended to help maximise your investment in CARA and related products and services.

The purpose was for attendees to:

Learn something new

A packed agenda with informative and interactive sessions hosted by Generis, Partners, Customers and Guest Speakers including:

  1. Presentation of the Generis CARA roadmap

  2. Demonstrations of CARA use case scenarios

  3. Promotion of Partner joint offerings

  4. Presentations and forums to discuss hot topics.

Draw value

  1. Network with like-minded people

  2. Benefit from other client experiences, insights and best practices

  3. Learn latest industry trends.

Be challenged

  1. Undertake our technical challenges.

And have fun!


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