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Covid-19 Update from Generis

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Generis’ priorities have always been about the people we work with, both our staff and our customers/partners.  To that end, we sincerely hope that you remain safe, as we are at the same time continuing to plan and act for our own staff safety, while maintaining our focus on supporting you.

For many of you, CARA operates in critical business processes and we are doing what is necessary to continue serving your business needs throughout the course of this pandemic and beyond.

To ensure this, we have undertaken the following measures:

  1. We closed our offices nearly a month ago, but as you know many staff already worked from home, so we are already all set up for, and well used to, working remotely as a team to support our customers.Apart from the sound of children / pets in the background, you should not see any disruption in service levels or response times from us.

  2. For our cloud customers, we stand on the shoulders of AWS who have about as robust a setup as could be desired at times like this – but we have contingency planning for moving customer servers to Azure if required.

  3. Our support and code management systems are either double or triple redundant; meaning that if any of the providers fail, we can very swiftly revert to one of the backup channels; and of course at any time you have the emails and phone numbers of our team members which you should continue to use

  4. An organizational chart has been developed to ensure cross-responsibility and delegation of tasks between our functional units in the event of an emergency situation. We are currently rolling it out to our staff and providing training on its implementation.

We are constantly monitoring the global situation, and having discussions daily and management meetings weekly to assess whether we need to modify our plans, and will keep you updated of any changes, but in the meantime we wish you, your families, friends and colleagues all the best.

Kind regards

James Kelleher

CEO, Generis

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