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CARA Tips and Tricks for CARA Users – Sharing Documents

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Every month we bring you a new helpful hint which will help you use CARA to its full potential.

CARA has a number of features which facilitate sharing information with internal and external contributors.

Tagging and Sharing Tags Select individual documents, and add a Tag to them (e.g. “Project 123 submission files”), and then share the tag with other users – it appears under a tag in their Favourites, with your name against them.

Sharing Saved Searches  You can save the criteria used to find specific documents, and then share the saved search via email or URL with colleagues to have them find the same results (depending on their permissions).

Sending URL to Documents and Folders To make it easier to share a specific document you can copy the URL and forward it to colleagues or save it as a bookmark. This makes it easy to locate the correct file without having to search and enables users to work collaboratively. Simply right click on the file, choose “Copy URL” then send it. The recipient will be able to click on it and they will be taken to the file in CARA.

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