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CARA SharePoint integration

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Simultaneous co-authoring using SharePoint, Google Docs or Dropbox is now available through CARA for Documentum.  The lead author would either manually check out the document to SharePoint via a menu item or send it on a workflow, and then other CARA users can simply click Collaborate to have the document open directly (SharePoint or other back ends remain invisible) in the editing application e.g. MS Word, where it will be available for simultaneous editing by multiple users who can see each other’s edits in real time on their own screen.  At the end of the process, the document is checked back in either manually or simply by completing the CARA Workflow.

One user checks out

Documentum typically checks out (locks) the document to a single user: with the CARA plugin, this user simply checks out the document to SharePoint manually or as part of a workflow.

Many users edit

Once the document is in SharePoint, multiple users can open the document from CARA for collaboration, and it opens in MS Word (the user does not see SharePoint) – with or without track changes.

Consolidate edits

At the end of the process, the principal author can use standard track changes to accept / reject, or CARA tools to compare versions, concatenate Word, or merge versions, to update the document.

Cloud or On Premise – and other providers

This integration works with SharePoint 2013 on premise as well as Office 365 in the cloud. We also offer similar integrations for Google Docs, and Dropbox.

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