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CARA REST web services

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

While Documentum has its own Web Services layer, the functionality added in the CARA application is not available through that but is now provided by our own RESTful Web Services application.  The services cover the range of required features from navigation / search (including using our Filters and Views) through creation of documents including calls to our Dictionaries as well as issuing and completing CARA Workflows.

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Context Services

  1. Get list of repositories

  2. Login into a repository

  3. Logout from a repository

  4. Validate user credentials

Config Web Services

  1. Get specific dictionary

  2. Get dictionary list

  3. Get form (properties) config

  4. Get mobile settings

  5. Get views


  1. Get content

  2. Upload content


  1. Get object dump

  2. Get object relations

  3. Get object versions


  1. Search using View’s Quick Search attributes

  2. Quick search for documents

  3. Quick search for folders

  4. Set object as search result ID


  1. Get SnapList


  1. New Document


  1. Complete a task

  2. Complete a task with audit information

  3. Issue a  workflow for an object

  4. Issue a workflow for an object with audit

  5. Start activity

  6. Get Activity type


  1. Execute Documentum API

  2. Execute CARA Script

  3. Execute DQL

  4. Execute DQL and get the result


  1. Get Filters

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