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CARA 3.8.1 released with new Tabbed browsing experience

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

CARA 3.8.1 has been released, adding more features to CARA but also offering a new Tabbed browsing User Experience to simplify the application for users who need quick targeted access.  Contact us for a demo or in house / cloud evaluation.

Features in 3.8.1 include:

  1. My WidgetSpace – display as tabs instead of widgets

  2. Rename User Experiences – e.g. turn My WidgetSpace into EasyView

  3. Stop Search – stop a running search if it is taking too long

  4. Custom Action Submenus – group custom action together in submenus

  5. Use date attributes in Dimensions

  6. Link repeating attributes by index in Dimensions

  7. SSO and non-SSO redirect enhancements

  8. Tag configurations to manage configuration “snapshots”

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