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Medical Inquiries & Information

Reduce turn-around time with accurate, efficient responses 

Medical Inquiries & Information

Deal with incoming Medical Inquiries and Information requests via call centres, emails, and more. Real-time searching for answers, including automatic sending, and full per-country data privacy handling.


Case Management

Case management for medical information inquiries with convenient case entry for local MI professionals and call centres

Data Retention

Personal data retention management in accordance with individual country requirements


Simple and secure portal for third-party access for direct contribution to case information


Automated response package preparation for reduced turnaround time



Country Security

Highly configurable security, allowing for management of inquiry and document security per country

Content Workflows

Responses authored, reviewed, and approved by therapeutic area specialists and local MI professionals

Transmission Interfaces

Adverse event management interfaces including the possibility for transmission via ICH E2B (R3) ICSR standard


Generis is working closely with Google to bring voice-to-text to CARA.


When telephone conversations are in progress, CARA can use Google's Dialogflow to turn the conversation into search terms, and begin showing answers to the Medical Inquiry professional while the Doctor or Patient is asking the question.


On top of this, AI and Machine Learning from Google will help improve the quality of the searching and the speed with which you can meet your Service Level Agreements for inquiry responses and Adverse Event logging

Automated Review

Automated review cycle for standard response documents in coordination with local transitions

Correspondence & Email Integration

Inquiry ingestion via automated email interfaces

Automatic Translation

Automated translation to English for local language inquiry narratives


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