How to Approach the Next Frontier in Transforming Life Sciences Business Process Efficiency.

The trouble with non-standardised data, from an internal company perspective, is that it hampers agility and the ability to innovate. If each department uses slightly different terminology for a product and has its own system and way of logging information, the scope for coordinating associated insights, identifying opportunities, and accelerating processes will be compromised.

As agility becomes a focus for the European Medicines Agency, and pharma companies comprehend more fully the benefits of a continuous, reliable, harmonised data flow across their operations, the focus is turning to ‘in-flight’ data control. This is about ensuring that information captured and used in one function or part of an extended process can be matched and reconciled with related information elsewhere. The idea is to create a rich, combined and current narrative that all functions can access and add to, to support a range of use cases.

Here, Max Kelleher, Chief Operating Officer at Generis and Remco Munnik, a Director at Iperion, a Deloitte business, offer practical tips on how companies can systematically control and harness the flow of data between functional silos, and the potential benefits this could have.