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Process communication more quickly and consistently with automations to ingest and manage correspondence. Automations make every step more efficient, with translations and workflows bringing order to your processes
Receipt of correspondence

CARA can ingest incoming correspondence items in multiple ways:


• Physical document (scan and OCR)

• Fax to digital

• Email attachments or email bodies


CARA can then read the correspondence and using either template-based recognition rules, extract the questions and


• Create separate records per question

• Relate the correspondence to the original submission

• Route the questions to users responsible for the subject (e.g. Stability)

• Translate the question into multiple languages using a range of approved translation services

Managing responses 

With automatic translation on ingestion, users can search in their language for similar questions and answers from other authorities worldwide, and assemble responses.

Responses can be generated automatically from the data, and be submitted as part of our RIM submission and registration capabilities.

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Learn more about managing the RIM process on the Platform



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