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Generis and Userlane today announced a strategic partnership. Generis is the developer of the CARA platform for data, content, and business process management in regulated industries, and Userlane is a Munich-based tech company known for its Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) designed for enterprises. This collaboration aims to integrate their systems, enabling customers of the CARA Platform to expedite user adoption and rapidly achieve higher returns on investment.


“The Userlane and Generis partnership creates an exciting opportunity for businesses in the life science industries to bolster their digital transformation efforts. Effective use of time and avoiding human error are critical in regulated industries. With Generis, we provide a best-in-class digital adoption experience, so all users are able to work with their software correctly and efficiently, thereby increasing productivity and reducing process risk.”Hartmut Hahn, CEO of Userlane. 


The CARA Platform empowers to streamline complex regulated business processes, data, and content on a single platform. It facilitates the instant creation, localization, and reuse of information, thus accelerating work and ensuring accuracy across organizational processes.


Userlane’s Digital Adoption Platform is designed to maximize the value of software investments. When working with the CARA Platform, it offers tailored process guides, on-demand support, and efficient onboarding and training processes. Moreover, Userlane’s platform enables enterprise customers to track and analyze software adoption within their organizations.


This partnership between Generis and Userlane lets companies use the best of both technologies. One platform supports business processes, ensuring compliance across various business areas, and supports efficient quality functions. As a result, it speeds up digital transformation and software implementation for Generis’ customers. Integrating Userlane into the CARA platform brings significant benefits, including:

●      Quicker deployment and training on the CARA Platform

●      Increased user satisfaction

●      Enhanced customer communication

●      Greater adoption of new features and updates on the CARA Platform


James Kelleher, CEO of Generis, added, “This partnership addresses a crucial challenge many companies face – user adoption. Despite the widespread trend of digital transformation in regulated industries, adoption rates have varied. The integration with Userlane promises a smooth transition from complex systems to the comprehensive and feature-rich CARA Platform.”


This collaboration marks a significant step towards accelerating digital transformation in regulated industries, ensuring that companies can fully leverage their technological investments.




About Userlane

Userlane builds an award-winning Digital Adoption Platform that empowers organizations to understand and improve the value of their technology investments. Working with some of the world’s most recognizable enterprises, Userlane identifies and eliminates adoption barriers across software applications. Userlane’s solutions help enterprises deliver employees and customers a more engaging, rewarding, and productive software experience while realizing the full value of their software investments. 


Userlane was founded in 2015 in Munich with a clear vision to make software simple to use. Currently, Userlane is present in EMEA, North America, and the United Kingdom.


To learn more about Userlane, visit userlane.com.



About Generis

Generis is a UK-headquartered developer of world-class data, content and business process management for regulated industries globally. 60% of the top 20 life sciences companies rely on Generis’ flagship CARA™ Life Sciences Platform, including AbbVie, UCB, Biogen, Reckitt, Bristol Myers Squibb, Bayer, Pfizer, and Merck KGaA. Today Generis serves more than 750,000 users worldwide, across use cases ranging from RIM, Regulatory / R&D and Safety use cases to Clinical, Non-clinical, Quality GxP, CMC, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Information / Medical Affairs applications and more. More at generiscorp.com.