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Applications & Authorisations

Tracking Applications and Authorisations is a core mission of a complete RIM system. CARA takes this further by tying application and authorisation information to your submission structures and even down to individual documents. This means you are never more than one click away from complete context. 
What is applied or authorised where?

RIM on the CARA Life Sciences Platform enables tracking and maintenance of Applications and Authorisations (also known as Registrations pre-IDMP-alignment). As part of your new regulatory Event or Activity process, Applications are created, leading ultimately to Authorisations / Registrations, with automated status tracking along the way. This means you can quickly see the global progress of your products to market.

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Leverage an interconnected web of documents and data

Traceability is key in our RIM system, allowing you to immediately identify which medicinal products are authorised and which documents are related to that authorisation. Our traceability is always bi-directional, enabling you to view the relationship from the authorisation, the medicinal product, the document, or any other related object.

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Save time searching and connecting

’Where Used’ in CARA drastically reduces the time your users need to find and understand what information is linked to an authorisation. A user can use the Where Used function to pull up any related Events & Activities, Products etc. taking traceability to the next level.